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Viewers Lyrics

Album Name : Viewers
Release Date : 2004-05-17
Song Duration : 4:44

Z Prochek Viewers

I see you are watching just like I am
Though we all work so differently
You belong to the mighty core
At the peak of your career
You know, you should be satisfied
Equipped with everything that's right
Still I can see the longing in your eyes

I am but the outsider
Admiring what you posess
So why this focusing on what you haven't got

I wish to add more joy
More lasting joy
I wish to heal souls
To release souls into life
Is there any way for viewers to find what's really inside
Is there any way for viewers to find true happiness

We are all viewers wanting more
We are all unsatisfied
Never happy too stay
It gets too much of this daily round
So this agony we apply
Does it cause us even more
Or is it just a way of our nature
A way of our kind

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