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Torch Lyrics

Album Name : Viewers
Release Date : 2004-05-17
Song Duration : 4:28

Z Prochek Torch

Endless tunnel
Dark passages
Endless walls
Colorless surroundings
Wet dusty smell
Far reaching shadows
Emrace the immobile
Bells ringing
Prepare the next load

Regular breathing
Inhale the ashes
Feel the engines
Serve and move on
Cold metallic voices
Echoing rapidly
Nothing left for humanity
Only whispers of warmth remain

Caught among the remnants
Despising what we are
Love of life deprived
The engine is on
A heart out of senses
Drifting further away
Awaiting the end
Awaiting the end

Where is the light
Where is the life
In the ceiling I can spot cables and wires
What is their task
What are they connected to
If I manage to take a short break
I can feel the smell of human corpses


A confined heart unable to express
Losing the last amount of humanity
Nothing is safe
Nothing is achievable
A confined heart unable to move
Drifting further and further away
Awaiting the end
Awaiting the end
Almost longing

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