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Avenge Lyrics

Album Name : Viewers
Release Date : 2004-05-17
Song Duration : 5:12

Z Prochek Avenge

Prejudiced souls
Now step away
You have caused too much already
You're about to go down
If you don't end this here and now
Hateful ones
Just say goodbye
Unmask yourselves
It's time to face the ultimate price
For your actions

You were judging me
You were judging them
For not being you
Are you happy with yourself
As you're apparently never pleased
And I know life will go on
Yours will too
But you'll never really live
Cause your hearts are blank
Cause your minds are all corrupted

Fearful ones
Your predetermining thoughts
Will not bother no more
Your time is up
Your sorry minds will be isolated
Taken away
We'll let you drown in your fear
We'll let you die in your lack of knowledge
You had your chance
Like I had mine
Who are you to judge me anyway


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