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I'm Not That Strong Lyrics

Album Name : Turn Off the Lights, We're Nocturnal
Release Date : 2008-04-15
Song Duration : 4:41

Wild Animal Party I'm Not That Strong

I'm not that strong,I'm not that strong.
But I'd punch any man right in his face.
Would that prove my affection?
Would that secure my place?
I'm not that strong,
I'm not that strong.
But I'd carry you for miles In my arms.
Would you finally feel safe?
Could I keep you from harm?
Oh, Penelope,
Did you hear I crossed the sea?

And I fought all the monsters with my bare hands
And I challenged the gods as immortal man.
Oh, Odysseus,
How much have you missed us?
But now you've come home
And you've seen the suitors
But you left me alone.
You left me alone.
Throw your spear.
Kill them from ear to ear.
Show me you love me.
Show me you care.
Come home to our bed.
I'll let down my hair.

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