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Flowers Of The Field Lyrics

Album Name : Turn Off the Lights, We're Nocturnal
Release Date : 2008-04-15
Song Duration : 5:49

Wild Animal Party Flowers Of The Field

The white folks thought it'd be funnier if they were
black.They put their blackface on and they tap dance.
And the girls put on their makeup.
But they don't think they can shake up the tears
Stuck in their head.
Why should I worry when the day has enough worries of
its own?
The fox has its whole and the birds the air
But the Son of God has no place to call home.
Keep all the cigarettes hidden under the chair on the
front porch.
And the flowers of the field don't worry, they have
something to shield

Their God-given beauty, oh, the nakedness.
And the valley tries to be a mountain but there still
is a fountain of truth
Running through its veins.
And the lilies of the field don't waste their time
getting dressed in
the morning.
And the birds of the air don't even care
If they have food or drink, they just spend their
evenings singing.
Keep all the lights down, keep all the lights down low.
And the boys feel competition but lose recognition of
It's all in your heart.
And skin and bones decay. Try all you want, they won't
Oh, we all decay.

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