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Zombies Lyrics

Wild Animal Party Zombies

Let's stay in tonight.Put on a kettle, keep the fire
We won't walk down the street like we're dead.
That's not your Mama.
That's not your Pa.
That thing's no longer a child of God.
They will chase you, they will hate you.
They will try to destroy your brain.
Babe, I know you're tired.

Try to stay awake.
Keep praying, watch the darkness shaking.
If we make it to the morning I guess we'll be okay.
Please stop crying.
They're so far from dying.
Hell's waging war, they want flesh and they want yours,
stay close.
Let's stay in tonight.
Put on a kettle, keep the fire bright.
Let's hold hands all night.
We'll do our best to stay alive.

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