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Gonna Have A Boy Lyrics

Tim Hawkins Gonna Have A Boy

Bay bay wussup mane?
Wuddup Juicy?
Wiz wussup?
Project Pat wussup?
Taylor Gang in this bitch

We"re pourin' drinks in the club, smell the weed when we coming in
We ain"t worried bout the game 'cus we running it
Got a joint, with a bottle in my other hand
Bitches love me, niggas hatin' on me 'cus I got cash in a rubberband
I got cash in a rubberband
I got cash in a rubberband
I got cash in a rubberband

Commas after commas, if it"s money I"m comin'
I got bands, mister drummin' f..ck the hoes that you lovin'
Designer's that's nothing, private jet, man that's stuntin'
You never did this shit so my niggas start frontin'
Last lady with me, she ain"t even legal
I let er drive the Benz cuz she match my ego
Derek Jeter set, I'm ballin' like rollin'
Catchin' wind with the top down, I feel like I'm ballin'
Money don"t bend, zeros don"t end
All this money that I'm stackin' in, I done setting a trend
Still owning that real shit, you rap niggas are gon' kill shit
Hunned bands, throw it in the club
Don"t give a shit cus I"m still rich

I got 20, 000 ones in my britches-s-s
I'm'ma f..ck the throw, all this only bitches is
You niggas life savin', one night you spending this
Shawty ass killin, she ain"t leavin' no witnesses
We throwin' money all night, we ain"t running now
On my Juicy J swag nigga and I"m showin 'out
Molly in yo girl ass and my dick in her mouth
If she don't finish all her food I ain"t pullin' out
Rubberband bang bro, choppas that a blow a ho
Bigger than a hoola hoop through your residential door
Blowin' presidential smoke
This that Cali buzz
Man plus we makin' G"s and getting our dicks sucked

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