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Under The Midnight Shadows Lyrics

Summon Under The Midnight Shadows

Foggy depths of storm
Below a mist of sleep
Twlight's gleam, cringing cold
Black mystic deep
Conqueror of might
Messenger of doom
Behold the midnight shadows
Tranquil purple and deep

Feel the cold from the freezing fog
Of the coldest reaping winds
He who stands alone
High and mighty, above all
Darkness froze with reaping wind
From beyond afar
The moonlight breaks the deadstill glare
Of a funeral haze to come

My sleep grows deep
With a reaping of woe
Amidst the forest cold
The moonlight steals my soul
Destines I have come, to haunt evermore
I am he, who stood here once before
Veins (once) cold as ice
River of destinies to come

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