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Praising To A Blackened Moon Lyrics

Summon Praising To A Blackened Moon

A nocturnal landscape of lost, forgotton souls
No hope for the holy as the anti-Christ is born
Blackened voices chanting to the one who's dressed in horns
Drink the blood, impure perversions, orgy of the soul.

Hear the hymns of darkness
New moons rise (in their haunting praise)
Praising to a blackened moon
Of Pagan ways true and divine
Horns of doom play their songs of dread
As witches sing in the darkest of keys.

Hell's choir chant with haunting praise,
In blasphemous delight
I can now foresee the future
Basking in blackened night
Hollowed wings shall take me
Beyond the gates of time
Crossing over nightmarish landscape
Unholy ways to find.


Pure blasphemation
Let our dark souls...

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