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Black Winds Abyss Lyrics

Summon Black Winds Abyss

Rise from the abyss, infernal source of power
Beard the grand old wise
Portal of faith you maintain
Living in longing of a mighty one
Who descended here with a crown of victory
Of shade and other shades who have dwelled
Living souls stand clear of those
For their souls have longed for death
About their eyes are red wheels aflame
And a soul as cold as ice
In strange tongue their evil words
Forlorn to the naked soul
Beckoning them with eyes ablaze
Wicked souls give up your thoughts of heaven, and pure rebirth
Join us in an end into eternal dark into eternal fire and ice
Father Satan sin my soul to hell,
take me through the unholy gates to ride the wings of darkness
Black winds of Satan rise
Hail Satan...
Whirlwinds burst up from tear-soaked ground
Erupting the wake of my senses and though I fell
As though seized by sleep
If thou could only think for the god you save may be yourself
Breaking the deep sleep which filled my head as though by force
With rested eyes I stood peering out to gaze where I was sensing the eternal emptiness
Descending into sightless zones
No laments can be heard except for the sighs that trembled the
timeless air of shadowy sadness
Nothing before me eternal, yet eternal I remain
Break all the jewels you can
Deface my crowded throne
See beyond my gaze and throw me to the depths for
I have through fire and ice lost of innocence!

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