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Enter Into Eternal Oath Lyrics

Album Name : And the Blood Runs Black
Release Date : 2005-04-05
Song Duration : 2:13

Summon Enter Into Eternal Oath

Cold freezing moon deadens the sky
A baphomet of steel, our swords collide
In a spell of darkness we chant
We enter into the eternal oath.

A radiant infernal glow
I feel your powers enter my soul
Shineth as a flame in mist
Unholy powers manifest.

May we bare the eye of the beast
A trail of chaos has guideth me
Him who liveth triumphantly
With no beginning, end cannot be.

Lurking in the darkness evil awaits
Feel the rush unholy hordes create
As we chant to oblivion
Spitting forth Satanic verses, consumption of soul.

We chant in blasphemy
And proclaim our infernal names
Can the wings of wind hear our voice
As we call unto the night.

Saith the first, move unto his servants
Show yourself in power
And make us strong seers of all
I stir and summon up the mighty beast
That liveth forever...forever...foreverrrrr

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