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Unclean Lyrics

Album Name : Another Day In Paradise
Release Date : 1994-05-15
Song Duration : 2:35

Strung Out Unclean

centuries of wasted blood stain this war-torn land as our leaders look up to the sky and await their next command why - must we die! why must we die for their cause! terminations become the common way to cleanse the blood found unclean in the eyes of christ, in the eyes of war, in the grasp of a god unseen why must we die... the sky has turned a crimson red as the dead lie everywhere. there's christians, and there's catholics, then there's muslims and there's jews. fighting for the name of god, for the color of thier hate when will we ever learn before it's too late? so tell me why we must die for their god? listen up! they try, they try to drag you in always will, try and try to pull you in, you must resists now! centuries of wasted blood stain this war-torn land again leaders look upon the sky, you finace your atrocities with lives of those you swore to protect in order to achive strategic goals how can your princes justify this misery set upon the land? watch them change the course of your history

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