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Monster Lyrics

Strung Out Monster

Time it makes you old, experience
Makes you wise.
And it's only a fool who judges life by
What he sees in other people's eyes.
The decisions that you cast effect
The outcome of your game the
Only person who's gonna think about
You is the one that's standin' in your shoes
Live by the sword die by the wword
I'm a weapon of my set.
The only family that I've ever known
Is the gun that's by my side
Little big man he's not alone
Now, he's all grown up his stories
Written all along these city walls.
Found unity, he's gained a brotherhood
As they gather to beat you down
The fists reign hard, the fightin'
Never stops.
There's no mercy in this town
And I don't know when it's gonna' end for me
This side of town is all I know
It's all I see
If I go on like this I'm gonna'
End it all one day
It's my destiny it's my reality
It's society.
I wear colors proud but stare
Me down
I've got a million scars to prove
My pain
You think you know who I am
Try walking a mile in my shoes.
Quick on the draw
Never walk alone
Know your enemy
Never be afraid, it's what they always say
Till they come around for you.
Ghetto birds light the evening
Sky as the sun begins to fall
Another night he'll spend in this
Jungle with his back up against the wall

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