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Mission To Mars Lyrics

Album Name : Element of Sonic Defiance
Release Date : 2000-06-20
Song Duration : 2:37

Strung Out Mission To Mars

countdown initiation sequence the course is set all systems functioning in check all preparations have been met brain function at full engagement body locked in vigilance awaiting contact with a destination far inside of me sling shot across the sky a million light years to the other side reality's a distant hazy dream exiting the atmosphere of my mind body and chemistry my body separates itself from me approaching our destination heart and mind have reached ascension no response to signal sent we are unable to respond to the remaining threat crews incapacitated vital signs have clearly stated something's gone wrong with the ship collision course is imminent slingshot across the sky a million light years to the other side no one could have imagined anything like this ascending to another state can't stop and think or hesitate the reality of the situation has reached control.

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