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Solitaire Lyrics

Album Name : Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues
Release Date : 1996-04-23
Song Duration : 2:53

Strung Out Solitaire

I hurt myself again today,
Feelin' a little numb I could
Use the pain.
I always find myself in this
Little bind.
It's been a few weeks since
You've been around,
So here I sit with my hands
Strapped down patiently awaiting
Our secert games
We used to play
All alone, so here
I sit all tied up,
All alone with all my thoughts,
I do not mind if this goes on.
I think about about what I'll say to you
When you finally decide to
come my way,

I'm sitting around all painted
like a fool,
And I don't know how I got
This way, and I don't know how
much more I wanna take.
But I know you'll shoot me down,
and bury me before I get too high.
So here I sit all tied up all
Alone with my thoughts when
Will I learn to walk away
From the things I do that make
Me feel the way, I feel when
I'm with you? Tonight it's me, myself and I,
All this pain I seem to put
Myself through, all the ways I
Find to submit to you
Cat o' nine tails gettin' old
And I don't know how I got
This way I don't know how much more
I wanna take.
I got a millon ways to tame
Myself and a million nights to try
When will you come around
To do the things you do to me
I hate this game of solitaire.

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