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Jackie-O Lyrics

Album Name : Element of Sonic Defiance
Release Date : 2000-06-20
Song Duration : 3:02

Strung Out Jackie-O

a warm dallas breeze floats naked through the air as a million hungry faces watch the king and his parade on show for the world to see prime time america nineteen sixty three and you were by his side i still remember pictures that look on your face the king had been forsaken and his country died in three seconds that would last an eternity o jackie-o i wonder what you could be thinking now your mixed up little head has been left alone in a world so cold just a foot note in history book full of lies you such a good girl keep smiling make 'em happy all is well in the land of make believe as soon as the bullet left the chamber on that calm november day you knew the world would never be the same the killer in us all just victims of ourselves looking for the perfect death trigger happy patriots running from ourselves you knew it would never be the same again o jackie-o i wonder what you're thinking now you've been left here all on your own in this land a world of make believe you get back what was taken from you and go moving on

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