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Reason To Believe Lyrics

Album Name : Twisted By Design
Release Date : 1998-05-05
Song Duration : 2:15

Strung Out Reason To Believe

I never had a reason to believe in anything
I never had a cause that I could fight for
I never had too much of anything to call my own
a drunk mother and father of four
all my life I grew up watchin' others dreams come true
and how I waited for my day in the sun
every day I worked harder
and I got further in debt
till I realized that day was never gonna come
your written off lost cause
sold us down the river
got no hope to offer us
tore down without grief
what's a generation without a reason to believe
they tore down all my walls
and then they made all my hatred a crime
debilitating us with all their complacency
our thoughts become mundane
our generation thinks the same
our minds anesthetized by apathetic t.v.
No wars to fight
steel bridges won't burn
the beliefs we uphold
are lies we never learn
the only hope for the future
leaves us reason to grieve
what's a generation without a reason to believe

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