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Gear Box Lyrics

Strung Out Gear Box

I remember you used to pray
For me now you turn your
Head away
Expectations that I never met
Forgotten promises you never kept
I know someday there'll be a
Time when you can look
Me in the eye
Now I write these words just
To keep it clear
In a jaded song you won't
Ever hear
I never wanted your forgiveness
You did what you ahd to I did
What I could now we've gone
Our separate ways
I never found comfort in your
Acceptance if times a healer
Then I'll sit and wait for
Your poison words to scar.
A notebook filled with a million
Words sits quietly by my side.
Like a loaded gun with the wrong
Intentions they tell me life is pain
I forgot a long time ago, but
Everyday I'm reminded of the way
You put me down, the way you
Put me out, the way you torched
My f..cking world
I don't need your lies don't
Need your promises
Don't want your open arms don't
Need your sacred ways and all
I need is all I am today.
What was once belief has now
Turned to grief
And there ain't nothin' more that
You could say
Look to myself for everything I need
Ain't lookin' back on anything.
So you think you got me all figured
Out and you think you know what this
Hate is all about
Don't try to understand, don't try to
Comprehend the answer is my words.
When the world comes crashin' down
All around
And I need a quiet place to hide.
You'll find me deep inside my head
Under a tree of thought in a world of pain.
I never wanted you here
I never needed you here
So when you think of me try
To understand
I never wanted your help I
Never needed your hand to
Guided me there your maze
Of lies
To guide me through your
Narrow world
I forgot a long time ago, now
Every day I'm reminded of the
Way you put me down the way
You put me out the way you
Torched my whole world.

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