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Blew Lyrics

Album Name : Element of Sonic Defiance
Release Date : 2000-06-20
Song Duration : 4:33

Strung Out Blew

i paint myself a window in this world of your conception where it all comes down to you knew if you conceived it you knew i would believe it you knew that you would paint me into your world of blue you call it something to say you call it nothing to lose you call it anything but the truth suffocation in words your isolation disturbs i can hear your voice as it echoes on so bury over and over the songs you sing inside my head i don't wanna lose what you left inside of me cause it's all i own of you the red disguises secrets lies and the blue belongs to you alone the gold is time wasted in lines of indecision dragging onward so bury over and over the light in you that won't stay dead i don't wanna lose what you left inside of me cause it's something real pulling me under i hear the warm hum of your voice washing over me a blue light melody of sound shines across my back and now its pulling me down pulling me under to where hide yourself alone gagged and tied to the weight of ourselves underwater well i won't forget this loss the shame of regret turn out the lights and sit in darkness while i try to make it through silence there's a monster growing strong conspire to bring me down its all i own of you

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