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Shadow Of Kim Lyrics

Album Name : Break It Down or Shake It Loose
Release Date : 2007-09-26
Song Duration : 3:23

Moses Hazy Shadow Of Kim

I want you to show some interest
And not just by saying "I'm sorry",
I like to see you gettin' drunk
But not as major of your story

You can crawl your ways thru wasted days
And lose your place, but
If you keep on wasting my time
I'll be gone cause time is all I really got

And I know it's all for good,
Well, I know you mean no harm
But I also know you're losing hold
And sweetness of your charm

And eventhough the light on you is gettin rather dim
It casts a shadow over you, the shadow of Kim

And as you know, ruining own life ain't even a sin
Still you must get rid of that shadow, the shadow of

LAILAILAI- Get off there!

So now a year has passed, things they are all changed
Good ol' lucky guy turns out to be depressed
Well, i can see the games you're playing & they are all
"It's true love&I've got the ball" well,that is just
what you said

'Cause sometimes love's a trap, ain't saying you should
not go within,
But sooner or later it drags you back under....

LAILAILAI- Get off there, or get under!!

And eventhough the light on you is gettin rather dim
I think you look much better under shadow of Kim
And running under thumb it was like cuttin off your
Guess I wish to see you back here under S.O.K

So get under!! C'mon, get under!!

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