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St.walter Lyrics

Album Name : The Incredible Flow of Life Show
Release Date : 2006-08-16
Song Duration : 4:20

Moses Hazy St.walter

We rode over no-mans-land,
Me and Zach that southern slack
With seed of sound to plant
And to make it bloom in this quicksand

-Like r`n`r aliens
All these heads in all these hands
-No enemies nor friends
just one man yelling "I`m in the band!"

So, Walter, give us a shelter
and let us sleep under your wings
to find out what tomorrow morning brings
St. Walter,you never get older
and all these young girls worship your soul,
it`s saucerfull of rock`n`roll

Another sleepless night, ¨
another morning-go,
don`t know if we`re digging out our devils
or trying to keep´em in their holes

-The wind is blowing colder
Breath of beast has reached wild east
-No use for revolver
In this rodeo active!



From pointless pressures to thoughtless pleasures?
..This is the place to be..
In empty desert you`re seeking treasure
Or is it all inside of me..?


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