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Flow Of Life Lyrics

Album Name : The Incredible Flow of Life Show
Release Date : 2006-08-16
Song Duration : 2:27

Moses Hazy Flow Of Life

Moses Hazy rocking soul factory presents:
The incredible Flow of Life Show!
This is for the Headman Willy and his Heavenly Angel

It`s the medicine of love
It`s the sweet sweet inspiration
It`s the surreal world of feelings
That I allways knew was out there
There`s many fine men
There`many great women
Who knew the light of life
And surely could send it

Let me hear it from you
You gotta kick it to groove!
The power of enlightment
The power of mind
It`s the Flow of Life

Take your soul medicine, take the heart out of your chest
Give good big kiss to your soul, give your head a little
It`s all have been tested so no need to break the sweat
Just step out of the machine, it`s time to use your head!

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