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Kangaroo Gasoline Lyrics

Album Name : The Incredible Flow of Life Show
Release Date : 2006-08-16
Song Duration : 3:33

Moses Hazy Kangaroo Gasoline

Baby, what`s the rush, I mean where do you head to?
Oh, you don`t know either so how about a ride instead to
where ever you want,where ever`s the fuzz,
There`s some room on the floor of my magic buss
(But not all these hippies are snoring,so please baby

Oh, these parties suck and we`ve been here for ages
Like the snake of paradise around you I`m ready to coil,
Yeah we are so winnin in the rally of love,
And you know that for the victory belongs the spoil
So, You can check my oil at the Love Teboil!

Now we gotta go,
I`m full of kangaroo-gasoline..
..So we better go

At first you`re sweetly whispering in my ear
Then you scream and shout,Oh you make it loud,
We`re cruising thru the years but there`s no reason to
Truly passing time but that`s what it`s about, so..

-Now we gotta go,
I`m full of kangaroo-gasoline!
-Head down to the road,
And hundred rabbits behind my wheel!
-Now we gotta go,
This loving machine is made of steel..
..So we better go

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