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Whisky & A Water Lyrics

Moses Hazy Whisky & A Water

I see you're the kinda gal who knows what man wants,
Can't even count the differences to those local pub's
Who stands lookin' cold with their tits frozen on the
Not knowing when to shut up nor what to ask

You really look nice..the kinda I could take home..
Well,my wife might not like it but does she really need
to know..?

'Cause I'm a lovin' man 'n no one needs to get hurt
But there is one or two things I gotta get at first
Just two soft helping hands, ya know what I mean?
A stairway to heaven or at least out of this dirt

So turn around,honey, go back where you came from
But keep that smile on there's no need to get lame
'Cause all I want is..

A WHISKEY! AND A WATER! And I want'em in that order!
First whiskey, a strong one, kind of that hurts
Then water served cold with nice warm flirt!

Hey what's with that face, you ain't the same gal
And what's with that gorilla, hope he ain't your pal
And where are my drinks, I too got some rights
And I can walk by myself, there's no need for guides

And what is this big number, was it something I said?
Don't take it too personal, ya know we just met
And I already know this isn't the way to your bed,
That's one thing I certainly get

And hey monkey, I'm a lovin' man with no need to get
And there was only two things i asked from this bird,
So I'm sure we'd agree if we'd sit around this table
Fighting is not my thing but to talk I might be able,

So man to man, this gal's hardly liable,no reason to
beat me,
Anyway I didn't ask like someone to feed me
..and a water served on your small t-shirt.

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