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Six Weeks At Sixteen Lyrics

Album Name : More Amor
Release Date : 2008-07-03
Song Duration : 1:30

More Amor Six Weeks At Sixteen

Everyone's growing up yeah were getting bigger and better
like we imagined when we started this
The crowds are now showing up while were left to blow it
up i'm sorry they didnt pick you kid
The clubs let us throw it up we suddenly set it off and
literally blow it out
But man is the music loud you know that the parents are
proud that their sons started something beautiful
if i could be anything, yeah i will be everything this
would be the reason the whole world would sing
yeah wouldnt that be nice to see
Everyones perspective is coming is collected and after
the election we decided you could only be a fan
You were a time bomb walking the tightrope now all we can
do i hope
i told you i dont think so
yeah i told you i dont think so
so i guess you wasted time

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