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27 Heavens Lyrics

Album Name : More Amor
Release Date : 2008-07-03
Song Duration : 3:20

More Amor 27 Heavens

i've got the dream I have a plan
where the next 4 years and i could possibly stand on top
above the rest
i think its best you uncover eyes and open up this sky
and search the rest
The highest spot, the thought the drop the loft above up
including all of us
Assembled we arrived and pleasantly off time
i pray to you i die, i pray to you ill cry

I'm ashamed you sound so serious
but its the only thing i know
if im not mistaken you were strictly delirious
loves a little mess a lesson after all
I cant control it if i have a fear of it
so you blessed us all? damn right
My god oh my god im wrong

Slip asleep the peace will creep and creep and creep
you'll sleep
And all that promotes itself will soon be deemed
all the dreams, the themes, the prayers and places seen
creations of this created team its crazy
you're god damn crazy
I slept outside last night
promised my heart my soul my body and mind
if i die by tonight i never tried i never tried and if i
ever try
ill pray to you

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