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So Long Answers Lyrics

Album Name : More Amor
Release Date : 2008-07-03
Song Duration : 3:26

More Amor So Long Answers

Remember that time the setting sun your face
those eyes like wildfire as we watched from outer space
we took the world and crumbled it don to a million tiny
we laughed then topped them on our ice cream
we painted the sky so bright that night
we never quite realized until the sky came up beneath
cause we passed out smiling
im trying not to say that this was all a dream
but for some reason im feeling something a little more

So long answers
still got a million more questions where this one came
I dont need answers
cause im pretty sure i was the one who slipped up

Remember that song the one about that night
a world with bigger eyes as i crossed the united states
I took that night and sorted me into a million tiny
I laughed and woke up from that pipe dream
I arranged my flight sometime that night
and sweared with open eyes as the sun came up the east
I sat there smiling
I'm trying not to say that i played you like a game
for all reasons im feeling something a little more

It's late im getting this
im giving it all back
I'm over everything
after everything and back around again
im breaking your falls
and feeling it all slowly come undone
i thought you were the one

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