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Fold It Up Lyrics

Album Name : More Amor
Release Date : 2008-07-03
Song Duration : 1:58

More Amor Fold It Up

My heart goes out to those who lost on the cusp on the
way to falling in love
you didn't fold it up, so you fold it up and then hold it
up and say i wasn't in love
If the heart's enough to love and down to trust i would
suggest that I
I'd fold you up and then hold you up and tell everyone i
was really in love
If its proper not to speak, not have a drink, say
anything then i'd
I'd pour it out i'd drink it down and tell the world we
are running this town
If the worlds too big to rule then we'll stand on stools
overlook the fools yeah
We'll float it up and we'll load it up we'll steal the
love and cheers with the sun
When the sky is all too bright, we'll dim the lights and
block our eyes yeah
We'll fold it up we'll hold it up cause we held it up
we're still in love...

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