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Smashing Guitars Lyrics

Misdemeanor Smashing Guitars

Seems like no one pays attention to me
I'm just so plain and ordinary
I wish I could leave my mark like him
He went out like a superstar
O.D.'d blazing heroin
Yeah, Kurt, Well he knew what was down
Blew his head clean off, And just look at him now
Nirvana merchandise is up six points
Don't waste your time learning chords
Just buy a gun and smoke two joints
Cause It's not about music anymore
They forgot what guitars are even for
It's all about sex, drugs and cash
Stick a needle in your arm and you're famous in a flash
Bands used to practice their songs
Now they practice loading their bongs
Too stoned to strum a bass
So stick a gun in your face
And you'll be on a T-shirt before long
Skills and tempo ain't the way to fame
Aids and syringes help to build a name
So keep chugging on that booze
You'll be on the evening news
Believe me, your life will never be the same

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