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Blind Fold Lyrics

Misdemeanor Blind Fold

Superficiality shouldn't mix with congeniality
It's all a conspiracy if you ask me
Well, you may be talking, but that doesn't mean I'm hearing
a single world that you say
Quote my buddy, Fat Mike, "I'll take responsibility,
for what I've done but not for who I am."
So label me what you will, Call me what you may
But I'm still not getting out of bed today.
Wear your blindfold long enough to escape
your problems and try to raise someone else's kids
But look at your child now, he's mentally deprived
of emotion, An angst-filled heap of confusion.
You give advice to all the rest, show them how to
manifest, but as far as family is concerned,
they're second best
Love is now a political state of mind, you call it
crass commercializing, as hate overwhelms.
Don't you understand?  It's not about supply and demand.
Can't you get past all the big words, and just be yourself?

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