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Insemination Lyrics

Album Name : Of Entropy and Life Denial
Release Date : 2006-09-12
Song Duration : 4:38

Merrimack Insemination

Receive these chains for a life long,
already stained in blood and tears.
Born in dirt and fear,
another candidate for misery.
Feces will follow blood...
The face permanently under the surface,
inhaling fallacy miasmata,
here begins the long loss.
Your ceremony has just started,
welcome to Hell!

Behold the purity of the lamb,
new-born and virgin of any sin.

He holds them deep in his soul.
Soon to be soiled, the immaculate robe!
Your womb is nothing but a cementery,
a pile of bloody flesh
fertilized by the black sperm...
Closed are the doors to the native rotten placenta,
which fed the new-born son with its last sanguine

Son of human love,
the larva wails and screams,
unaware of the storms to come,
soon to creep under kicks,
soon to feel the grip,
that makes all of us dance on the dead notes of His
genetic symphony.

Worse and worse...
There can't be any other way,
there can't be any salvation without genuflexion.
Brought forth to the circle of life,
like an absurd comedy for retards,
we will find a role for the new-comer.
We just need more abused children...

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