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Redeem Restless Souls Lyrics

Album Name : Of Entropy and Life Denial
Release Date : 2006-09-12
Song Duration : 3:32

Merrimack Redeem Restless Souls

I would sell my soul to the Devil and crawl in the oceans
of misery,
I would leave this life behind and make myself bleed 'til
to force the angels to take my carnal cell to where life
The unspoken and the unseen, criminal behaviour,
two stabs right in the heart, mutual homicide.
A divine possession, a moment in madness,
a revenge in chaos, a life in Hell...
At last in Hell!
This pain redeems inside,
washes away all sins,
mortifies the flesh and kills all hopes.
This path of time is not to be walked,
for what is dead is dead,
for real and forever.
What can be kept through death?
See what you want to see,
I won't reveal His tricks.
Father of my perdition,
herald of my redemption,
torment of my damnation,
light of my salvation...
What is dead is dead...

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