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Nekro-erotik Art Lyrics

Lord Gore Nekro-erotik Art

Midnight through the graveyard sky
Searching for fresh corpes
I'll add to my collection
Upone you I stumble
Wandering the night
Heels, bones and blood
Let me show you my collection,
Let's go!
Enter my domain
You'll become my slave
On my sick Nekro-Erotic Art
Hatre you disgust.
Neckro-Erotic Art.
Hidden in a pool of decay
Rotting corpses and severed heads
All the bodies that I have exhumed
Decorating the walls of my room.
You screamas my paint f..cks her cunt.
House full of corpes
Nekro-Erotic Art dead whore.
The blood shall finish my masterpiece
The flesh shall be my palette.

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