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Liquid Lunch Lyrics

Lord Gore Liquid Lunch

Hideous mutant freak
I'm a being of most disgusting means
Genetically bred to kill
Viscous pathogen blood excreting
From my very genes
Hybrid parasite...
Stalking the filthy streets
Rabid slavering beast crazed for human meat
Twitching limbs sense the kill
Caustic juices gushing ready to assimilate
You've been liquified...
Covered with bile your skin now slips
Siphoning coils sick up the bits
Melting yet still alive...
Spasming slop my nourishment
Inhuman monster arthropodic horror
Engorged with enzymes to kill and feed
Undetectable camoflage chromatophores
With regenerative tentacle limbs
Unrelenting urge to consume
Kill them all they must be metabolized

[Lead: Maniac]

Hybrid parasite... human liquified...
Tissue soup imbibed... thru emeticide

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