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The Forgotten Flesh Lyrics

Lord Gore The Forgotten Flesh

Fuck you!!!!

Mangled, diseased & disfigured,
a shambling mass of forgotten flesh.
Twisted skin, & dry cracking sinew,
rancid, pustulent stench,
it's come back for revenge.

The discarded skin from a facelift,
rancid organs from a crimescene mess.
Rotted fat from a mass liposuction,
they have given birth to this hulk of disgust...

Steaming black cancerous entrails,
decayed, drilled, extracted teeth.
Murderous aborted infants, strike with gangrenous limbs,
cut from amputees.

A thousand eyes stare outward,
bloodshot, crazed and ablaze with hate.
Victims partially digested,
slick with hepatic bile, they shall assimilate

Writhing in the sewer filth.
They are the forgotten flesh,
into one of many shapeless forms.

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