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Megacephallus Lyrics

Lord Gore Megacephallus

Hidden in the darkness of the backwoods
An evil lurking grotesque & ugly man-thing
Makes its home among the shadows & beasts
But for flesh it is endlessly searching
Psyche unspeakable hideous
Its hunger insatiable lusting insane
More flesh and more brains to xxxx and consume
Human tissue conpulsion depravity
Steeped in the perversion of its mentor
A decrepit elderly cannibal madman
Taught the ways of the lecherous and sick
Ate the brains from his head as he lay dead
Now he must go out into the world
To spread his legacy madness and agony
A horrid alien mutated fiend
Near forgotten by wretched humanity
Cold unscrupulous monster
Defective devoid of compassion or fear
Birthed by degenerates crossbred a malevolent hulk of
destructive deformity
What it does not kill it will xxxx and devour
Gorged on its victims waste and viscera murderous lust
Lecherous rage in the mind of a child idiot juggernaut
A violent grisly world of flesh & bone is all its ever
Exterminating the unworthy souls of deserving fools...
Vengeance become
The women it captures are savaged playthings to rape
and be eaten alive
Dismantled with peerless perversion ejaculate running
with blood from all holes
Scatohemophagic rapist cannibal fiend stalking witless
backwoods vermin
Death unending
Blood is not enough to relieve its thirst no amout of
flesh seems
To fill its churning guts
Embittered psychosexual murder xxxx running captured
Tortured they
Writhe in agony
Grisly... forced entry... never finding an adequate

[Lead: Gurge]

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