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Trash-hole Lyrics

Lord Gore Trash-hole

Doped and unconscious I dragged her from the scene
Runaway from home she's only 13
Awake 2 days later bruised bloody sore
In a cold rotting basement with a hole in the floor
Now scream for me my human tolilet
Been drugged hobbled and in chains there's no escape
My live experiment in plasma chemistry
I'm going to make you a perversion
Blind and dislimbed to prevent you from escape
Cauterizing wounds to preserve you mangled state
My various secretions tissue waste and seed
Become all the nutrition your torn body needs
A sick existence consumed with nausea
Induced vomit choking gags with every swallow
And yet with all of this disgust and revulsion
You're wracked with hunger pains
For my repugnant mal-nutrition
Bulging bladder protein drip
Hangs suspended to your lips
Surgeon's tubing stuffed unbidden
Invades the throat to sicken
Infectous intravenous induced toxoplasmosis
The blood becomes hepatic the skin erupting in disease
Obscene derision jerking schism
Perverse mockery of life my abomination
Your heart tortured organ shudders in defeat
Another chapter of my retribution now complete
Praying now god let me die....
The answer to your prayers the futility in my eyes

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