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Where Were You Lyrics

Kim Monroe Where Were You

I stopped by last night
Baby where were you?
I talked to your friend, he said
This just isn't like you
You said you didn't feel well
I figured that was true
So I was gonna take care of you
Where Were You?

Next night there's your car
The lights were way down low
I tried the back door
I had an extra key though
And there she was beside you
Wrapped up in my robe
I saw the man I thought I knew
But Where Were You?

How you gonna do this to me?
I will pay you back eventually
You thought I was blind but soon you'll see
I can't stay with a man who's gonna mistreat me
Too bad you didn't know I ought to be
Everything to you like you were to me
I'm not sad I'm leavin', why should I be
And I'll never let you ever get the best of me


How you gonna do this to me...

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