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New Reality Lyrics

Album Name : New Reality
Release Date : 2006-05-31
Song Duration : 4:00

Kim Monroe New Reality

In the past couple years the things I have seen
Have opened my eyes to the world around me
My small town life brought me up na?ve
To sexists and racists and poverty
I overlooked the things that made me lucky
Never thought of myself as the majority
I admit the things I saw they startled me
I never questioned my own integrity

Fighting with responsibility that's placed on me
Revealed throughout my high society
Everything I thought I'd never have to be
Coming clearer in my mind my New Reality

I do not know what all this means
Or who'd commission such a scheme
The world revolves around the only thing
That ultimately leads to nothing
And then when all the things that we think we own
Become no longer fashionable
We throw them out because we think they're old
Let's keep the money coming


It's a New Reality (4x)



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