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Soul Brother Lyrics

Album Name : New Reality
Release Date : 2006-05-31
Song Duration : 4:10

Kim Monroe Soul Brother

I didn't just pull into town
This happened right before my eyes
There's something missing in the sound
That so used to satisfy
It may rock, it may roll but tell me
Whatever happened to the soul?

It's just a murky, jerky groove
It motivates but it don't move
And all the pimps and funky divas
Crank out their empty testifying
They mixed it all in a bowl but then they
Forgot to add a pinch of soul

Tell me, whatever happened to the soul, brother?
Tell me, what did they do with the soul, brother?
Tell me where did they go with the soul, brother?
Can I get a witness?

We're only here to entertain
And just pretend to be in pain
And if you wanna see me get down
Just watch me wave my hands around
It's a distraction I'm told, I use it
To hide my total lack of soul


Can't find a little bit of soul
Cause it's so hip to be a ho
And all the brothers act like crooks
And all the kids in the suburbs write the radio hooks
And if you want to be a star
Just grab your crotch and squeeze it hard
And make your mom and daddy proud
As you dry hump for the crowd
It may be tired and old but then it's
Your only substitute for soul

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