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Lucky People Lyrics

Album Name : New Reality
Release Date : 2006-05-31
Song Duration : 4:11

Kim Monroe Lucky People

Had the stars in my eyes and I couldn't see,
all the beautiful people surrounding me,
thought that I had it all and I played the part,
But now all I'm left with is a broken heart

Lucky people, who have a home,
realize that you're lucky and not alone,
but keep on searching for the truth,
realize it's in people you love, who love you

the young man who struggles through each day,
got kicked out his home, for being gay,
no society that I've known would punish the straight,
let's show some compassion, don't turn away


It's not always what we do
Show some gratitude
A peaceful attitude
It's deep inside of you
It's strugglin' to get through



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