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This Must Be Love Lyrics

Hollywood Lies This Must Be Love

This arc's a lost cause. "I'm content to save the contents," said he. A whisper in tongues trapped before our time saved a generation. Married to speculations of attacks, the raid was on the horizon. How far off, they couldn't tell, and then it came, just like the calm before the storm. Corrosive rhythms beat over their ship, and they said goodbye. Then just like the calm, it came. Refusing to turn over, the frozen men held their marks. She said, "Just hold me close". Jump ship, she's overboard. Waves flooded her chambers, atrium by atrium. This must be love. Oh it's what you do to me, but time and time again you'll see that what we want is not what we get. So take another chance to be on top of the world. I'll show you what it's like to be in my shoes. I'll show you what it's like, but I love the way you hold me, or those nights you wouldn't dance with me. And I just don't want to forget.

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