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Southbound Train Lyrics

Hollywood Lies Southbound Train

Last time I saw you, I was humble and out of key. I didn't know about your plans to sit back with your hands folded over your lap, and I know that you did. This is a competition, never ending battle. I guess I really could get used to this hassle. But sweetie, you should have held me close. My hands shake receivers tapping morse code cut in to our hearts and now we're off on our own. Oh, baby, don't you know I can't be trusted alone? Hang it over my head like mistletoe, just kiss me when you come back around again. Let it flow until our hearts collide. I think I'm coming back down again, but you had better not count me out. No, not this time. And this southbound train never looked so cold. I've been coming up short with the antidote that will keep you here in my arms, so please won't you smile at me tonight? I will wrap myself in memories. Tomorrow, you'll back your bags. Come Tuesday you'll be gone, I'll be alone. Time will heal all your open wounds, and your broken heart. Watch it over and over again - an image of a broken man, and his whole heart says, "I love you".

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