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Some People Are Stupid Lyrics

Album Name : Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics
Release Date : 2007-01-16
Song Duration : 2:30

George Carlin Some People Are Stupid

Well I know, some people don't like you to talk about
those things. I know that. Some people don't like you
to mention certain things. Some people don't want you
to say this. Some people don't want you to say that.
Some people think if you mention some things they might
happen...some people are really f..cking stupid!

Did you ever notice that? How many really stupid people
you run into during the day? Goddam there's a lot of
stupid bastards walking around. Carry a little pad and
pencil with you. You'll wind up with thirty or forty
names by the end of the day. Look at it this way: Think
of how stupid the average person is and then realize
that half of them are stupider than that. And it
doesn't take you very long to spot one of them does it?
Take you about eight seconds. You'll be listening to
some guy...you say..."this guy is f..cking stupid!"
Then...then there are some people, they're not
stupid...they're full of shit. Huh? That doesn't take
very long to spot either, does it? Take you about the
same amount of time. You'll be listening to some
guy..and saying, "well, he's fairly
intelligent......ahht, he's full of shit!" Then there
are some people, their not stupid, their not full of
shit...their f..cking nuts! Dan Quayle is all three! All
three! Stupid, full of shit, and f..cking nuts! And
where did he get that wife of his? Have you taken a
good look at that Marilyn Quayle? Where did he get her,
at a Halloween party or something? She looks like
Prince Charles for Christ sake! Let me ask you
something, does he actually have to f..ck that women!
Huh? God help him, I wouldn't f..ck her with a stolen
dick! That's my political humor. People like it when
you're topical.

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