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Baseball-football Lyrics

Album Name : Carlin On Campus
Release Date : 2008-11-01
Song Duration : 2:53

George Carlin Baseball-football

Baseball and Football..

Baseball is pastoral Football is technological

Baseball is played in a park Football is played in a stadium

Baseball...has no time limit We don't know when it's gonna end Football is rigidly timed And it will end if we have to even go to sudden death

Baseball has the bunt Football has the punt

Baseball's object is to go home...I'm going home! In football, we're down in enemy territory Reaching for the end zone

In football we have the block, the clip, the kick, the blitz, the bomb, The offense, the defense In baseball, we have the sacrifice

And in baseball, you make an error In football, you pay a penalty

Woody Hayes wears a baseball hat during the football game Can you imagine if Walter Allston wore a football helmet during a baseball game? They would truck him away, man. "Get him outta the dugout, man. Check his calendar."

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