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Radio Dial Lyrics

Album Name : An Evening With Wally Lando
Release Date : 2007-01-15
Song Duration : 1:52

George Carlin Radio Dial

We have also met on the AM radio dial. Especially in the middle of it. On the large radios, all of the zeroes are there. 700 (makes 'radio tuning' noises)..800. On small radios it says 6...Con o rad...7,8,9,10,11,... The big radios (more 'radio tuning' noises). But all of them, those stations between 600 and 800 were always widely spaced apart (more 'radio tuning' noises)...always widely spaced and they had announcers (applause)..well modulated speaking voices, they always had serious subject matter. In fact, they never had music. There's no music between 600 and 900 on the radio. It's all talking, man. The only music you hear is the occasional national advertising jingle. (more 'radio tuning' noises)

You get down past..you get towards 600 (more 'radio tuning' noises) you get down to the hopelessness...of 54! And wonder why it ends there. What kind of good stuff are we missing on 420? Nowhere to go but up..(more 'radio tuning' noises growing faster and higher ending with very fast mock Spanish)

Thank you.

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