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Guys Named Todd Lyrics

Album Name : Complaints & Grievances
Release Date : 2007-01-15
Song Duration : 1:30

George Carlin Guys Named Todd

And i'm getting really sick of guys named Todd.

It's a goofy f..cking name OK.Hi whats your name?

Todd.I'm Todd. And this is Blake, and Blaire and Blaine
and Brent. Where all these goofy f..cking boys names
comin' from. Taylor, Tyler, Jordan, Flynn. These are not
real names. You wanna hear a real name? Eddie. Eddie is a
real name, what happened to Eddie he was hear a minute
ago. Jackie and Johnny and Tommy and Bill. Danny, Larry,
Johnny, and Phil. What happened? Todd.

And Cody, and Dillon, and Cameron, and Tucker.

Hi Tucker, i'm Todd. Hi Todd, i'm Tucker. F..ck Tucker,
Tucker sucks. And f..ck Tuckers friend Kyle. Thats another
soft name for a boy. Kyle.

Soft names make soft people. I'll bet you ten times out
of ten, Nicky, Vinnie, and Tony would beat the shit out
of Todd, Kyle, and Tucker

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