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Memphis Rounders Blues Lyrics

Album Name : The Best of Frank Stokes
Release Date : 2005-06-07
Song Duration : 2:51

Frank Stokes Memphis Rounders Blues

Now what makes Memphis women : love a rounder so
Because he takes his time : doing the work everywhere he

I don't drink whiskey : but I'm crazy about my wine
If you take my good gal : I give you trouble all the time

There's only four places in Memphis : that I'd like to go
Where I could have a good time : and do my work
everywhere I go

Throwed up my hands : clasped them 'fore the sun
I might take my time : with the work that I once have

Then I'm going to sing this verse : and I wasn't going to
sing no more
Know if you hear me doing any singing : I'll be standing
around my door

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