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Its A Good Thing Lyrics

Album Name : The Best of Frank Stokes
Release Date : 2005-06-07
Song Duration : 3:00

Frank Stokes Its A Good Thing

Now when I was young : in my prime
*Pick these* different women : all the time

I had a woman : God her name was Lucy
God almighty devil : what that woman wouldn't do

Another woman : God her name Henrietta
Talk to six straight men : say she knows no better

Another woman : God her name was Mattie
She's a‑slipping and a‑stalling : in some dark alley

Another woman : God her name was Jenny
Talked to white folks black folks : she wouldn't give a

Another woman : God her name was Mae
A white man only : got every day

I knocked Mae down : I stomped in her face
Half her trouble : must have

I went to the workhouse : to work out my time
And the same doggone woman : on my mind

In time I got out : I drunk a little gin
I goed right back : to Mae's house again

By time I got in the house : getting ready to have a
little fun
Made me come back *about* : I gotten more than one

Now let me tell you a little something : don't you
raise no fuss
Boys these young women : want to do their stuff

From their legs and from their ankles : and on to their
*Trying to ??? devilment* : as they can be

While you're out man : trying to
She's a‑winking and a‑blinking : at another man

You get out at night : you peeping through a crack
I wonder how long : before my husband gets back

Your husband get back : you ready to have a little fun
Before you get out of sight : he got more than one

And now I'm getting old : Lord my head's getting grey
Lord I'm not bow‑legged : but I walks that way

I *claim to see the oldest rat* : of the *barge*
I known about the women : long before I got grown

But some in the daytime : some at night
How in the world : can you treat any living man right

Any time you get out : you're ready to
Turn around and slipping down : jumping in your bed

He jumped in your bed : he begin to have a little fun
Anything you want to know : got a little *lunch* done

A little *lunch* done : from three to four
Have to *turn down* : before your old man go

You may be brownskin : you color may be black
What I say about you women : I won't take it back

I get drunk : love to have my fun
But all the darn women : got more than one

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