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Sextraterrestrial Lyrics

Five Deez Sextraterrestrial

: Just look into stars... up here beyond the atmosphere... Feel so close... reach up and touch the sky... Just look into the stars... I know that I should be scared... I'm enjoying myself... feeling so close

Let me on your ship (come in), I wanna walk around (OK)
Lets' talk about how we met today, why me?
Never mind, I'll ask later, you got lasers? (Lasers?)
I'm into science fiction, maybe I stereotyped you
You seem nice too, far from grotesque
From the moment that I saw you, I felt this closeness
Are you brainwashing me? (No!) Am I your slave now? (No...)
You wanna mutilate me, like those? (No.)
I'm not stressin' it, show me all the sections of your ship
I wanna whip it, is it like driving or is it different? (It's different.)
I assume you reach light speed, but let me know
It doesn't matter if you can, but yo - why this piece glow? (Electromagnetic waves)
Electromagnetic waves around the vessel, huh?
That's next-level, tell me more about your travels
You seem lonely but content, a strange mix
I can't place it, I don't even know what to make of it
But what brought you my way in the first place?
This whole experience is off the hook for a first date.
I'm kinda thirsty (here...) thanks, this is tasty.
Is it good for me? (Yes...) Well aight then... (What do you do?)
I put sounds together that follow the heart rate
It's been my job for a while, I can't recall the start date
Are you using some kind of scientific method? Is this an experiment? (Yes...)
Am I responding to your stimulus?

I want to love you, touch you, feel you, see you
(?...the light)
I want to love you, touch you, feel you, see you
(?...the light)

Sunlight the best way to end the night
Daybreak's never late, the dawn's in my sight
Maybe I slipped into a zone, crashed out or passed out
How come in the back of my mind I still have doubts?
I'm in the same place that I was last night
Before I got a call, left the house, said that I'm about to bounce
I don't remember coming back, I'm not stressing
I recall a connection that put all those hours in question
I'm not against hypnotic suggestion
to claim back what left when I lost my sense of perception
I feel like I was close enough to touch the sky
over thin air, moving through it like a dream that's lucid
Not likely that I'm losing it or confusing it
The truth is, I'm enthused, maybe even delusional
I know it's unusual, it feels like something's missing
There's a voice with a message in my thoughts and it whispers


Is it wrong?

I'm glad I knew you...

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